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MYTENRING is an innovative penile support ring designed especially for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection. (It also works if someone is suffering with premature ejaculation.)


How it works:
It works by supporting the penis at the base and gently restricting blood-flow. Using lubricant, slide the MYTENRING™ over the erect or partially erect penis down to the base of the shaft and it will constrict the blood flow out of the penis hence encouraging maximum erectile potential. The inner ring is elliptical rather than circular to product an increased surface area which spreads the constrictive force; thereby ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer. The symmetrical inner nodes minimise pressure on the urethra to allow ejaculation.


MYTENRING is a highly effective comfortable and durable penile support ring which has been ergonomically designed for ease of use

It is a quality product made from a unique; non allergenic; silicone based compound approved by the FDA (food and drugs administration)

MYTENRING has been designed; tested and manufactured in the UK and has undergone rigorous life-cycle testing to ensure its resilience

It is available in 4 sizes (the 3 most popular sizes are included in the kit) for supreme fit and support and is shaped to allow ejaculation. It can be used in conjunction with a vacuum pump where gaining an erection is particularly difficult

We have included condoms in the kit as we want you to enjoy safe sex.